News Release


DATE: March 16, 1999   CONTACT: Chuck Blankenship
NO: 99-33   PHONE: (907) 465-5930

Federal Regulations Change for Determining Unemployment for Recently-Separated Military

Commissioner of Labor Ed Flanagan announced today that military personnel denied unemployment compensation based on "reason for separation" are encouraged to request a redetermination, or file a new claim for Unemployment Insurance.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently released its revised list of acceptable "Narrative Reasons for Separation," that are used to determine eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits for individuals discharged from any branch of U.S. Military service. The list broadens acceptable definitions for discharge, and could affect many recently separated service members who were denied unemployment benefits based on wording used on their discharge papers.

Commissioner Flanagan urges all former service members denied Unemployment Insurance benefits since November 10, 1997, based on the narrative reason for separation to immediately call Nancy Davis, UCX Coordinator, in Juneau at (907) 465-5992 to investigate if the change could reverse denial for benefits.

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